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[ im-pluh-men-tid ]


  1. carried out; put into effect, usually by means of a definite plan or procedure:

    The collaboration between the two leaders created a synergy in translating the company's policy from paper into an implemented practice.

  2. Computers. (of an element in a program) realized, instantiated, or brought into action, often under certain conditions as specified by the software involved:

    You'll need a workaround because satellite dish control is not an implemented feature in this streaming software.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of implement ( def ).

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  • un·im·ple·ment·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

The limestone used by the Chiquihuite Cave dwellers was more difficult to work with, he says, so it makes sense that these implements would be more rugged.

However, it also indicates that the the virus remains more widespread than in most countries that have implemented more stringent measures.

From Fortune

Best Buy last month ended shopping by appointment-only at its stores, a measure it had implemented to preserve some of its in-person business while shielding staff from the epidemic.

From Fortune

That changed after a 2006 election rife with long lines and poorly implemented technology forced a shake-up.

From Ozy

He says he hopes to identify research projects for the team, as well as build partnerships to better implement best practices.

The EPA regulations scheduled to be finalized next year still needs to be put in the books, and implemented by the states.

The two-state solution, if implemented, fundamentally discredits the whole concept of a conspiracy against Islam.

But beyond the general authority, there are many questions about how quarantines should be implemented.

Meaningful repercussions and a more effective process of holding people accountable need to be implemented.

This official school policy of apparently saving 21-year old adults from themselves was implemented on campus on August 1.

How then could His word be said to be implemented when so many of the original inhabitants remained?

It demands a time of patient working and of patient waiting, but its bills are fully implemented in the end.

Where a single footnote is referenced more than once, the backwards link to the anchor has not been implemented.

Experiences, including successes and failures, illustrate some of the potential of Rapid Dominance if implemented effectively.

After a considerable lapse, a new act was passed in 1680, this one better implemented and further reaching.