[ im-pov-er-isht, -pov-risht ]
/ ɪmˈpɒv ər ɪʃt, -ˈpɒv rɪʃt /


reduced to poverty.
(of a country, area, etc.) having few trees, flowers, birds, wild animals, etc.
deprived of strength, vitality, creativeness, etc.: an impoverished attempt at humor.

Origin of impoverished

First recorded in 1625–35; impoverish + -ed2

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un·im·pov·er·ished, adjective

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[ im-pov-er-ish, -pov-rish ]
/ ɪmˈpɒv ər ɪʃ, -ˈpɒv rɪʃ /

verb (used with object)

to reduce to poverty: a country impoverished by war.
to make poor in quality, productiveness, etc.; exhaust the strength or richness of: Bad farming practices impoverished the soil.

Origin of impoverish

1400–50; late Middle English empoverishen < Middle French empovriss- (long stem of empovrir), equivalent to em- em-1 + povre poor + -iss -ish2


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British Dictionary definitions for impoverished

/ (ɪmˈpɒvərɪʃ) /

verb (tr)

to make poor or diminish the quality ofto impoverish society by cutting the grant to the arts
to deprive (soil, etc) of fertility

Derived forms of impoverish

impoverisher, nounimpoverishment, noun

Word Origin for impoverish

C15: from Old French empovrir, from povre poor
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