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in charge

  1. in the charge of ; in the care of . Under someone's care or supervision, as in We left the children in the charge of their grandparents . [Mid-1800s]

  2. In a position of leadership or supervision, as in Who's in charge here? or He's the agent in charge at the ticket counter . [Early 1500s]

  3. in charge of . Having control over or responsibility for, as in You're in charge of making the salad . [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

Let's not lose sight of the other leg--the I-was-CEO-I-wasn't-in-charge-I-retired-retroactively-but-I-still-got-paid leg.

"There's certainly something very peculiar," remarked the superintendent-in-charge to the sub-editor.

When she had unfolded the idea, the lady-in-charge could hardly believe her ears.

Their attraction to Olney was in the fact that John Newton was curate-in-charge.

While Stonewell and the officer-in-charge were talking Bancroft Hall had burst into life.

The commandant sent for the officer-in-charge, and directed him to take a cadet officer and search Harry Blunt's room.





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