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[ in-kahynd ]


  1. paid or given in goods, commodities, or services instead of money:

    in-kind welfare programs.

  2. paying or returning something of the same kind as that received or offered.

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Example Sentences

The tracker focuses on three specific forms of support: financing, health-care personnel, and in-kind contributions.

Nuclear weapons could prove the only way for it to retaliate in-kind, and nobody wants that.

Student-athletes get those generous amounts in direct, in-kind compensation.

And the latter has a certain pleasing economic logic to it: why not give people cash instead of an in-kind benefit?

Counts four and five related to money, travel expenses, and other in-kind gifts given by the late Fred Baron.

So the supplies gathered by the tax-in-kind law could not be moved.

The state wanted a Confederate law passed to authorize receipts for supplies to be given as part of the tax-in-kind.

To collect the tax-in-kind required an army of tithe gatherers and afforded fine opportunities of escape from military service.

Alabama, with Georgia and North Carolina, furnished two-thirds of the tax-in-kind.

Yet when they were able to pay the tax-in-kind, they, at times, almost rebelled against it.


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