[ vyoo ]
/ vyu /


verb (used with object)

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Origin of view

1375–1425; late Middle English v(i)ewe (noun) < Anglo-French; Middle French veue sight < Vulgar Latin *vidūta, noun use of feminine of *vidūtus, for Latin vīsus, past participle of vidēre to see

Related formsmul·ti·view, adjectiveun·viewed, adjective

Synonym study

4. View, prospect, scene, vista refer to a landscape or perspective. View is a general word, referring to whatever lies open to sight: a fine view of the surrounding country. Prospect suggests a sweeping and often distant view, as from a place of vantage: a beautiful prospect to the south. Scene suggests an organic unity in the details such as is to be found in a picture: a woodland scene. Vista suggests a long, narrow view, as along an avenue between rows of trees: a pleasant vista. 12. See opinion. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (vjuː) /



Derived Formsviewable, adjective

Word Origin for view

C15: from Old French veue, from veoir to see, from Latin vidēre

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Idioms and Phrases with in view of

in view of


See in light of.


Also, with a view to. Considering, in prospect or anticipation of, as in In view of their hostile relations, both countries began mobilizing, or Dan started saving money with a view to going to law school. [c. 1700]


see bird's eye view; in (view) the light of; in view; on view; point of view; take a dim view; with a view to.

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