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In attendance, especially on a royal personage. For example, The prelates who were in waiting asked him to take the last rites . This usage has become less common with the diminution of royalty and royal courts but still survives. [Late 1600s]

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Example Sentences

And former president Nicolas Sarkozy, touted by supporters as a savior-in-waiting, is saddled with scandals himself.

Clinton, while still undeclared, is such an overwhelming favorite that donors-in-waiting are already competing for territory.

As reported in The New York Times, the meet-up was attended by the high command of the campaign-in-waiting and 170 donors.

A 2010 video shows him addressing a group of suicide-bombers-in-waiting, praising their desire for martyrdom.

His mother, Anne, was a lady-in-waiting and companion of  Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife.

As she came close to the queen, a lady-in-waiting rose up quite casually and moved away, and Jessie slipped into the vacant seat.

Her first lady-in-waiting was quite touched thereby, and exclaimed with admiration: "I recognize the blood of my kings."

It was at once given to him, and he had it carried behind him by one of his lords-in-waiting.

I have the right to dismiss my lady-in-waiting if I think fit.

Ah—she glanced around quickly to see that none but her lady-in-waiting heard those last words.


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