in absentia

[ in ab-sen-shuh, -shee-uh, -tee-uh ]
/ ɪn æbˈsɛn ʃə, -ʃi ə, -ti ə /

adverb Latin.

in the absence of the person involved: He was sentenced in absentia by the court.

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British Dictionary definitions for in absentia

in absentia

/ Latin (ɪn æbˈsɛntɪə) /


in the absence of (someone indicated)he was condemned in absentia
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Word Origin and History for in absentia

in absentia

Latin, literally "in (his/her/their) absence" (see absence).

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Idioms and Phrases with in absentia

in absentia

While not present, as in He was tried and convicted in absentia, or He was awarded his degree in absentia. This expression is Latin for “in absence”; its use in English dates from the late 1800s.

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