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[ in-uhd-vur-tnt ]


  1. unintentional:

    an inadvertent insult.

  2. not attentive; heedless.

    Synonyms: inattentive

  3. of, relating to, or characterized by lack of attention.

    Synonyms: careless, thoughtless, negligent


/ ˌɪnədˈvɜːtənt /


  1. failing to act carefully or considerately; inattentive
  2. resulting from heedless action; unintentional

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Derived Forms

  • ˌinadˈvertently, adverb

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Other Words From

  • in·ad·vert·ent·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inadvertent1

First recorded in 1645–55; abstracted from inadvertence, inadvertency

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Example Sentences

A Building Trades board member, in a statement to Voice of San Diego, said the payments stemmed from an inadvertent wage calculation error in 2017, and that Lemmon’s retirement decision was made independent of the discovery.

Some ambient noise comes through, but it isn’t exactly enough to turn you into an inadvertent spy.

It is more productive to solve the problem, which may well have been inadvertent, than to worry about the omission.

It was only revealed after what appeared to be an inadvertent slip of the tongue from a fellow board member.

As you learned to read, probably as a child, your brain reorganized itself to better accommodate your efforts, which had both functional and inadvertent consequences for your mind.

Despite the inadvertent hilarity, the real marvel of our mobile text-correction systems is how astoundingly good they are.

There are a number of inadvertent and purposeful ways for universities to skew their Clery Act numbers.

However, the tapped confabs gave investigators an inadvertent window on apparently shady dealings of an entirely different nature.

The lessons of the “freedom agenda” were mostly inadvertent or tragic.

Soon Lehrer was owning up to what he claimed were inadvertent errors.

The indignation of our essayist is without doubt most powerfully aroused at the inadvertent use that was made of the sacred name.

He spoke rapidly but he could not distract her attention from his inadvertent admission.

And had his inadvertent shutting off of Sulphur Spring's supply of water stopped their illicit activities?

Do not forget that I live at the edge of a precipice; an inadvertent footstep, and I crash down to the bottom, to lie mangled.

She liked and even cultivated with daring the inadvertent turns in a day's affairs.