incandescent lamp

  1. a lamp that emits light due to the glowing of a heated material, especially the common device in which a tungsten filament enclosed within an evacuated glass bulb is rendered luminous by the passage of an electric current through it.

Origin of incandescent lamp

First recorded in 1880–85

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How to use incandescent lamp in a sentence

  • Pieces of platinum that will serve very nicely for the purpose may be obtained from an old incandescent lamp.

  • The experiments and endeavors that brought this result constitute the story of the incandescent lamp.

    Steam Steel and Electricity | James W. Steele
  • They were made of wood, lined with asbestos, and were lighted inside with an incandescent lamp.

    Steam Steel and Electricity | James W. Steele
  • Edison, in common with others, turned his attention to the subject, and took up the neglected incandescent lamp.

  • An incandescent lamp was screwed into one of the walls, and there was a door in each bulkhead at the ends of the room.

British Dictionary definitions for incandescent lamp

incandescent lamp

  1. a source of light that contains a heated solid, such as an electrically heated filament

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Scientific definitions for incandescent lamp

incandescent lamp

[ ĭn′kən-dĕsənt ]

  1. A lamp that produces light by heating up a filament of wire inside a bulb with an electric current, causing incandescence. The glass bulb containing the filament is filled with a nonreactive gas, such as argon, to prevent the wire from burning. Compare fluorescent lamp.

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