[ adjective in-kahr-nit, -neyt; verb in-kahr-neyt ]
/ adjective 瑟n藞k蓱r n瑟t, -ne瑟t; verb 瑟n藞k蓱r ne瑟t /
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embodied in flesh; given a bodily, especially a human, form: a devil incarnate.
personified or typified, as a quality or idea: chivalry incarnate.
flesh-colored or crimson.
verb (used with object), in路car路nat路ed, in路car路nat路ing.
to put into or represent in a concrete form, as an idea: The building incarnates the architect's latest theories.
to be the embodiment or type of: Her latest book incarnates the literature of our day.
to embody in flesh; invest with a bodily, especially a human, form: a man who incarnated wisdom and compassion.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of incarnate

First recorded in 1350鈥1400; late Middle English, from Late Latin incarn膩tus, past participle of incarn膩re 鈥渢o make into flesh,鈥 equivalent to in- 鈥渋n鈥 + carn- 鈥渇lesh鈥 + -膩tus past participle suffix; see in-2, carnal, -ate1


non路in路car路nate, adjectivenon路in路car路nat路ed, adjectiveun路in路car路nate, adjectiveun路in路car路nat路ed, adjective
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How to use incarnate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for incarnate


adjective (瑟n藞k蓱藧n瑟t, -ne瑟t) (usually immediately postpositive)
possessing bodily form, esp the human forma devil incarnate
personified or typifiedstupidity incarnate
(esp of plant parts) flesh-coloured or pink
verb (瑟n藞k蓱藧ne瑟t) (tr)
to give a bodily or concrete form to
to be representative or typical of

Word Origin for incarnate

C14: from Late Latin incarn膩re to make flesh, from Latin in- 虏 + car艒 flesh
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