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[ in-sep-shuhn ]


  1. beginning; start; commencement.

    Synonyms: conception, root, source, outset, origin

  2. British.
    1. the act of graduating or earning a university degree, usually a master's or doctor's degree, especially at Cambridge University.
    2. the graduation ceremony; commencement.
  3. (in science fiction) the act of instilling an idea into someone's mind by entering their dreams.


/ ɪnˈsɛpʃən /


  1. the beginning, as of a project or undertaking

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inception1

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English incepcion, from Latin inceptiōn- (stem of inceptiō ), equivalent to incept(us) “begun” ( incept ) + -iōn- -ion
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Example Sentences

Crooked told Digiday in late 2019 that it had accumulated almost 900 million downloads since its inception.

From Digiday

Casa Frida since its inception has welcomed 74 people who are mainly between 18 and 35-years-old.

From its inception with Andrew Jackson in the 1820s, the Democratic Party had championed small government and local control.

Since its inception, Gab has welcomed deplatformed social media users, generally attracting those on the far right.

This development isn’t entirely unexpected, given that most of Haven’s top talent, including its CEO—doctor and high-profile healthcare researcher Atul Gawande, who led the initiative from its inception—had stepped down in the last several months.

From Quartz

And yet our country has redefined citizenship in some extraordinary ways since its inception.

And he has been involved in the Mind and Life Institute, the sponsor of the ISCS conference, from its inception.

Since its inception, Hamas has had close ties with Iran, but relations soured when civil war broke out in Syria.

With the incredible surge in popularity of online dating since its inception, countless niche communities have popped up.

As Gordon explained: “MPAC has had a significant impact on the development of this project from its inception.”

As Scattergood well knew, the feud had its inception in religion as religion is practiced in that community.

In its inception it was a mere attempt to write pleasing, popular verse of a better kind in the dialect of the fireside.

The Commissariat alone was badly managed from its very inception.

Between them they seem to have formed the inception of what became the famous Taeping rebellion.

There are primarily three additional features that characterize political society, especially at its inception.


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