[ in-sahyzd ]
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  1. cut into: the incised material.

  2. made by cutting: an incised pattern.

  1. Medicine/Medical. made or cut cleanly, as if surgically; not ragged: an incised wound.

  2. (of a leaf) sharply, deeply, and somewhat irregularly notched.

Origin of incised

First recorded in 1590–1600; incise + -ed2

Other words from incised

  • un·in·cised, adjective

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How to use incised in a sentence

  • Some are beautifully polished and ornamented with incised work.

    Chats on Household Curios | Fred W. Burgess
  • Others from the same city were ornamented by incised lines rubbed in with white chalk, in which case they were flat.

    The Swastika | Thomas Wilson
  • They were all of a black color and their incised ornamentation was practically the same as those from the upper cities.

    The Swastika | Thomas Wilson
  • On the outside, just below the rim, are the four incised parallel lines mentioned.

    The Swastika | Thomas Wilson
  • Not only were the products greatly similar, but the same style of geometric decoration by incised lines is common to both.

    The Swastika | Thomas Wilson

British Dictionary definitions for incised


/ (ɪnˈsaɪzd) /

  1. cut into or engraved: an incised surface

  2. made by cutting or engraving: an incised design

  1. (of a wound) cleanly cut, as with a surgical knife

  2. having margins that are sharply and deeply indented: an incised leaf

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