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[ in-klood ]

verb (used with object)

, in·clud·ed, in·clud·ing.
  1. to contain, as a whole does parts or any part or element:

    The so-called “complete breakfast” in this ad included juice, milk, cereal, toast, eggs, and bacon.

    The anniversary edition of the game will include the expansion packs and DLC.

    Synonyms: embody

    Antonyms: omit, exclude

  2. to place in an aggregate, class, category, or the like: Hawks and eagles are included in the family “Accipitridae.”

    Please include me in any future discussions.

    Hawks and eagles are included in the family “Accipitridae.”

  3. to contain as a subordinate element; involve as a factor: Schooling should include friendship, fun, and laughter, in addition to rigorous study.

    Our comprehensive approach to health includes such aspects as resilience, resources, and quality of life.

    Schooling should include friendship, fun, and laughter, in addition to rigorous study.


/ ɪnˈkluːd /


  1. to have as contents or part of the contents; be made up of or contain
  2. to add as part of something else; put in as part of a set, group, or category
  3. to contain as a secondary or minor ingredient or element
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Derived Forms

  • inˈcludable, adjective
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Other Words From

  • in·clud·a·ble in·clud·i·ble adjective
  • pre·in·clude verb (used with object) preincluded preincluding
  • re·in·clude verb (used with object) reincluded reincluding
  • un·in·clud·a·ble adjective
  • un·in·clud·i·ble adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of include1

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English, from Latin inclūdere “to shut in,” equivalent to in- in- 2 + -clūdere, combining form of claudere “to shut”; close
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Word History and Origins

Origin of include1

C15 (in the sense: to enclose): from Latin inclūdere to enclose, from in- ² + claudere to close
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Synonym Study

Include, comprehend, comprise, embrace imply containing parts of a whole. To include is to contain as a part or member, or among the parts and members, of a whole: The list includes many new names. To comprehend is to have within the limits, scope, or range of references, as either a part or the whole number of items concerned: The plan comprehends several projects. To comprise is to consist of, as the various parts serving to make up the whole: This genus comprises 50 species. Embrace emphasizes the extent or assortment of that which is included: The report embraces a great variety of subjects.
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Example Sentences

However, mistakes like these exclusions bring into question the effectiveness of cohorts based on commonalities — especially when individuals cannot opt out of being included in those buckets.

The NHL postponed three straight games for Washington this week, including Tuesday night’s game against the Flyers because of a coronavirus outbreak in Philadelphia’s organization.

These include factors like local intent, remarketing lists, ad characteristics and seasonality.

If you run a local search, you’ll notice that each business in the Google 3-Pack includes a plethora of positive reviews.

Some smaller monsters can be defeated by wielding a hammer, including disembodied hands or strange children wearing porcelain masks.

And yes, our values include tolerance of those who wish to make fun of religion.

Therefore, it is not possible for any F-35 schedule to include a video data link  or infrared pointer at this point.

His neighbors include some of the other designer outposts one finds speckled around the area.

Total oil production figures include crude oil, natural gas liquids, and other liquid energy products.

His books include Render unto Rome and a novel about Louisiana politics, Last of the Red Hot Poppas.

She apparently prefers to paint single figures of women and young girls, but her works include a variety of subjects.

In future years the poor-rate (so-called) will include, in addition to these, all other rates levyable by the Corporation.

Spenser in his Fairy Queen makes one of the characters include it with other herbs celebrated for medicinal qualities.

The three groups necessarily include all in the community who circulate money.

To confess to God, or to the name of God, means to perform services which include among them the exercise of Covenanting.





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