[ in-kuhm-plee-shuhn ]


  1. the state of being incomplete; incompleteness.
  2. Football. an incomplete forward pass.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of incompletion1

First recorded in 1795–1805; in- 3 + completion
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Example Sentences

A spike and an incompletion later, Rodgers again hit Adams on an in-breaker.

They followed that up with incompletions on second and third down, and then they had just one more down to work with, with 17 seconds still on the clock.

A subsequent incompletion by Jimmy Garoppolo bounced high in the air but Cowboys defenders could not snare it.

They reached the 16 but the drive stalled there, with Jimmy Garoppolo throwing incompletions on second and third downs.

In 2019 — Allen’s sophomore season — 23 percent of his incompletions were charted as off-target by ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, worst in the league.

The authentic incompletion of the neid afforded a good pretext for cuts and erasures.

Desire and need have been treated as signs of deficiency, and endeavor as proof not of power but of incompletion.

Incompletion of the radical is one of the commonest causes of words being coined faultily.

Northward of this tomb is a sarcophagus that shows a well laid plan in a state of perpetual incompletion.

He supposed he had apprehended dimly the risk of this incompletion in Paris during that first Long Vacation.





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