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[ in-den-cherd ]


  1. bound by or occurring under a written contract or formal agreement, especially to work for another:

    The five indentured electrical apprentices of the second-year class were sworn into the union on Thursday.

    Born in Belfast in 1949, he studied art while serving an indentured apprenticeship at a shipyard.

  2. relating to, done by, or being an indentured servant:

    Molly Welsh, an Englishwoman sentenced to indentured servitude in 17th-century Maryland, married an African slave named Bannaka.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of indenture ( def ).
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  • un·in·den·tured adjective
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Example Sentences

She still wants indentured servants—excuse me, wards—to run the hospital for her, and she still wants power over all of them.

During construction, many men, indentured servants in the beginning, were blown apart during the blasting and digging.

If the indentured-servitude thesis is correct, it should be a pretty low number, right?

Johnson—and other black indentured servants—were able to succeed in 17th-century Virginia.

The white Hempstead, for instance, worked his way out of indentured servitude, the next step up from slavery.

In addition to the regular settlers at Jamestown, from time to time indentured servants came to America.

The Negroes seemed to be more easily adaptable to hard, manual labor than the Indians or indentured white servants had been.

To be apprenticed then was to be absolutely indentured; to belong to the master for a term of years.

Hughson had in his service an indentured servant,—a girl of sixteen years,—named Mary Burton.

One was instigated by a perjurer and a heretic, the other by an indentured servant, in all probability from a convict ship.





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