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  1. anything serving to indicate or point out, as a sign or token.
  2. Medicine/Medical. a special symptom or the like that points out a suitable remedy or treatment or shows the presence of a disease.
  3. an act of indicating.
  4. the degree marked by an instrument.

Origin of indication

First recorded in 1535–45, indication is from the Latin word indicātiōn- (stem of indicātiō). See indicate, -ion
Related formsre·in·di·ca·tion, noun

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  1. something that serves to indicate or suggest; signan indication of foul play
  2. the degree or quantity represented on a measuring instrument or device
  3. the action of indicating
  4. something that is indicated as advisable, necessary, or expedient
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Word Origin and History for indication

early 15c., from Latin indicationem (nominative indicatio) "an indicating; valuation," noun of action from past participle stem of indicare "point out, show," from in- "into, in, on, upon" (see in- (2)) + dicare "proclaim," from stem of dicere "to speak, to say" (see diction).

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indication in Medicine


  1. Something that points to or suggests the proper treatment of a disease, as that demanded by its cause or symptoms.
  2. Something indicated as necessary or expedient, as in the administration of a drug.
  3. The degree indicated by a measuring instrument.
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