[ in-dee ]


  1. an independently or privately owned business, especially a film or music company that is not affiliated with a larger and more commercial company:

    to work for an indie.

  2. a movie or other work produced by such a company.
  3. a genre of music, especially pop or rock, that is independently produced.
  4. a person who works for an independently owned business or is self-employed.


  1. noting or relating to an indie:

    an indie film producer;

    an indie video game.

  2. noting or relating to independently produced music:

    indie rock;

    an indie pop group.


/ ˈɪndɪ /


  1. informal.
    1. an independent film or record company
    2. ( as modifier )

      the indie charts

      an indie producer

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Word History and Origins

Origin of indie1

First recorded in 1940–45; ind(ependent) + -ie

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Example Sentences

I spend a lot of time researching gear before I buy it, and I like finding unique and interesting pieces, often from indie brands.

Anya Taylor-Joy was an indie darling long before the success of “The Queen’s Gambit,” represented here by her leading role in “Emma.”

I can’t stop playing “Phasmophobia,” an indie multiplayer game where players take the role of ghost hunters.

“Phasmophobia,” an indie game that casts players as ghost hunters, became an instant sensation shortly after its early access launch last September.

That very premise catapulted Among Us, a quietly launched indie game from 2018, to the top of 2020's charts and headlines.

And, as the enigmatic front man to an avant garde indie rock group, he is droll, perceptive, and splendidly weird.

We thanked them on stage for saving our asses and supporting indie music.

Being in an indie band is running a never-ending, rewarding, scary, low-margin small business.

Ed first appeared in 1987 on City By Night, a talk show on Newton Cable, a now-defunct offbeat indie cable network.

Between the second and third seasons of The O.C., McKenzie went off and shot his first feature film, the indie drama Junebug.

For an indie artist, the big problem isn't piracy, it's obscurity: no one even cares enough about your tunes to steal 'em.

Spelman, who was himself an archer, has illustrated the passage very clearly by a quotation from Arrian, Indie.

It bears the title: Libro primo della historia dell' Indie Occidentali.

Now I had an indie browser running, I needed an indie network connection.

The still-living short-footed semi-ape (brachytarsi), especially the muki, indie and lori, possess possibly a faint resemblance.