[ in-di-juhnt ]
/ ˈɪn dɪ dʒənt /


lacking food, clothing, and other necessities of life because of poverty; needy; poor; impoverished.
  1. deficient in what is requisite.
  2. destitute (usually followed by of).


a person who is indigent.

Origin of indigent

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin indigent- (stem of indigēns) present participle of indigēre to need, lack, be poor, equivalent to ind- by-form of in- in-2 (cf. indagate) + -ig- (combining form of egēre to need, lack) + -ent- -ent

Related forms

in·di·gent·ly, adverb

Can be confused

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British Dictionary definitions for indigent


/ (ˈɪndɪdʒənt) /


so poor as to lack even necessities; very needy
(usually foll by of) archaic lacking (in) or destitute (of)


an impoverished person

Derived Forms

indigence, nounindigently, adverb

Word Origin for indigent

C14: from Latin indigēre to need, from egēre to lack
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