[ in-dee-oh ]


  1. a town in S California.

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Example Sentences

It’s set to return to the desert town of Indio on April 17 without any covid restrictions at all, according to an update published on the festival’s website this week.

From Quartz

Paris Hilton isn't the only famous face getting weird in Indio.

I checked the Internet for a quick temperature read, and it was 112 degrees in Palm Springs and 115 degrees in Indio.

Just one mile from my house, on the south side of Avenue 42 in Indio, there was no power at all.

Is it possible for all these genres to live in harmony in Indio, California?

As well, there's a kind of a separate but equal synergy in this year's Indio arrangement.

The Indian looks with abhorrence on the Negro; the latter with scorn on the Indio.

Ruego se escuse esta carta escrita sin tinta, porque un Indio dexo caer mi tintero y quebrose.

Sin embargo, asi expresa el Indio su concepto, como se expresa en castellano con el verbo es.

His pockets, when turned inside out, yield such contents as might be expected on the person of an Indio manso.

El indio disminuye en nmero de norte a sur y el europeo, de este a oeste.