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[ in-duh-rekt-lee, -dahy- ]


  1. in a roundabout way; not by the shortest or straightest path:

    Since I had time to spare I took a bus that went a bit indirectly to my destination, and saw places on the way that I never knew existed.

  2. by a connection that is not immediate:

    We all pay into the federal tax system indirectly when we purchase goods from companies that pay taxes.

  3. in a way that is veiled or not straightforward; obliquely:

    I use poetic language to speak indirectly about those things that seem to slip from our grasp as soon as we name them.

  4. deviously or covertly:

    The ad comes from a group indirectly funded by the cult and calling itself by another name.

  5. Grammar. as indirect discourse; not as an actual quotation:

    If I’m reporting the person’s speech indirectly, I’d speak about them in the third person—using “she,” “he,” or “they.”

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  • sem·i-in·di·rect·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Upon a closer look, Bjerg’s journey to becoming one of the top “League of Legends” pros followed an indirect, winding path that persistently required him to battle a familiar obstacle.

A quick-growing plant, the philodendron only needs medium indirect light and water every week or two.

The Harlan County business, which is now dissolved according to the Kentucky secretary of state’s office, had planned to produce wood pellets for biomass fuel, employ up to 35 people and create about 60 indirect jobs.

Finally, employers also receive a variety of indirect tax incentives to automate.

All these methods give companies and their employees indirect ways to contribute to politicians’ campaigns and fundraising.

From Eater

But he did speak to the issue of the razzle-dazzle camera moves, at least indirectly.

Indirectly, he is pushing Rick to acknowledge that this is the only reality.

Are we helping indirectly the militants to build their caliphate?

“Many people have experienced crime in this country, directly and indirectly, at some time or another,” she continued.

Last month, Sarkozy was placed under formal investigation for “active corruption” in a case linked indirectly to the Tapie Affair.

The good which came to him, directly and indirectly, from these opportunities can hardly be overstated.

This letter indirectly points out two long-standing radical errors in engineering phraseology.

Nor can he sell the property to himself, nor authorize any other person to bid and purchase for him either directly or indirectly.

His poetry is beautiful, indeed, and may indirectly even prove of some propagandistic value.

All the powers of man, either directly or indirectly, were injured and misdirected by the fall.





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