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[ in-di-skrim-uh-nit-lee ]


  1. without exercising discernment or making appropriate distinctions:

    Unfortunately, a lot of the bad name attributed to modern poetry is caused by people indiscriminately publishing just anything and calling it “poetry.”

  2. in a haphazard or random way:

    The troops reacted to the explosion by indiscriminately firing in all directions.

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Example Sentences

Discount pricing is not just about throwing offers around indiscriminately.

If done indiscriminately, it may someday put you in a position to have the second wedding you have always dreamed of.

A spokesperson for the Nasa community said that soldiers “fired indiscriminately” at Nasa civilians and shot Liz in the chest.

From Fortune

Doing so is not a neutral gesture, which is why it is not to be done indiscriminately.

What’s more, the CJEU said national courts have to disregard evidence gathered through the “general and indiscriminate” retention of traffic and location data.

From Fortune

“Personal data of citizens was intercepted indiscriminately,” she said in a fiery speech aimed at a room full of world leaders.

But now we know that this is an indiscriminately bipartisan vice.

Conventional chemotherapy drugs, by contrast, are highly toxic; they indiscriminately damage the brain and body.

He used that training to defy our trust, to indiscriminately and systematically harm the United States.

Today, he has become a campaign suicide bomber throwing shrapnel, indiscriminately wounding his own people and creating chaos.

The troopers slashed at the men on foot and the sepoys fired indiscriminately at any one on horseback.

He seized legs, arms, and hair indiscriminately, and in another moment was on the top of the living mass.

Both sexes were indiscriminately admitted, after a nice scrutiny into their qualifications.

Nowadays, at twenty-five, tears have become so rare a thing that they are not to be squandered indiscriminately.

In England the richest land only is chosen, in France every soil indiscriminately.


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