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[ in-doost, -dyoost ]


  1. brought about, produced, or caused, especially artificially (often used in combination):

    Medical intervention in childbirth has become the norm, with hospitals relying on epidurals, C-sections, and induced labor.

    The field expedition to the Greenland Sea will study climate-induced changes in the marine food web.

  2. Physics. (of an electric current) produced by induction:

    As a coil on a pendulum passes between the poles of an electromagnet, the induced current causes the small bulb to light up.

  3. Genetics. (of a gene) having increased expression as a result of the inactivation of a negative control system or the activation of a positive control system (often used in combination):

    The induced genes in the transgenic variety were of unknown function.

    Our focus is on the serum-induced genes cloned from fibroblasts.

  4. Biochemistry. noting or relating to a protein, especially an enzyme, whose synthesis has been stimulated by increased gene transcription (often used in combination):

    These induced proteins are unlikely to affect cellular DNA repair directly.

    We can now speculate that the heat-induced proteins play an important role in gastric cell protection.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of induce ( def ).

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  • non·in·duced adjective
  • qua·si-in·duced adjective
  • un·in·duced adjective

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Example Sentences

Human-induced fires account for the majority of the fires—95%.

They have crafted a novel genetic technique to induce each palm oil tree to produce more fruit, containing more of the precious oil.

Last month, Netea and a team of researchers in Germany, Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands published the results of their research into how the BCG vaccine induces trained immunity.

The purpose of a phase three trial is to assess whether this vaccine-induced immune response is strong enough to actually protect people from Covid-19.

By inducing uncomfortable behavior out of whoever they’re lined up against, this five-man unit creates the type of questions that are difficult to solve in a seven-game series.

In Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy, the self-induced, self-absorbed Greek tragedy of Andrew Lohse.

Nobody died from Ebola, or ISIS or Honduran children, unless it was in a goofball-induced, Louie Gohmert fever dream.

Other psychiatrists attempted to treat schizophrenia with carbon dioxide gas and artificially-induced comas.

The mortality rate induced a variety of changes in the community structure.

Far too much of the Internet is currently experiencing morality-induced convulsions over “mamading.”

Very soon I induced my directors to adopt the view that the railway company must encourage and help the project.

On our arrival home the cabman, fortunately, was induced to accept a cheque in payment.

He there saw the organ by Fermis which induced him to take up that mechanism and develop it to its present perfection.

Curiosity induced Mr. Cunningham and myself to view this barbarous feast and we landed about ten minutes after it had commenced.

The wind falling in the afternoon induced me to stand off shore, when we soon lost sight of the land.


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