[ in-doo-men-tuh m, -dyoo- ]
/ ˌɪn dʊˈmɛn təm, -dyʊ- /

noun, plural in·du·men·ta [in-doo-men-tuh, -dyoo-] /ˌɪn dʊˈmɛn tə, -dyʊ-/, in·du·men·tums. Botany, Zoology.

a dense, hairy covering.

Origin of indumentum

1840–50; < New Latin, Latin: “garment, covering,” equivalent to Latin induere “to put on, don” (ind-, by-form of in- in-2 + -uere, from a Proto-Indo-European root eu- “to dress”; cf. exuviae) + -mentum -ment Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for indumentum

/ (ɪndjʊˈmɛntəm) /

noun plural -ta (-tə) or -tums

an outer covering, such as hairs or down on a plant or leaf, feathers, fur, etc

Word Origin for indumentum

C19: Latin, literally: garment
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