[ in-dwel ]
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verb (used with object),in·dwelt, in·dwell·ing.
  1. to inhabit.

  2. to possess (a person), as a moral principle or motivating force: compassion that indwells the heart.

verb (used without object),in·dwelt, in·dwell·ing.
  1. to dwell (usually followed by in).

  2. to abide within, as a guiding force, motivating principle, etc. (usually followed by in): a divine spirit indwelling in nature and the universe.

Origin of indwell

First recorded in 1350–1400, indwell is from the Middle English word indwellen.See in-1, dwell

Other words from indwell

  • indweller, noun

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How to use indwell in a sentence

  • Why should not a form of conscious life so interact with what would otherwise be dead matter as to 'indwell' it?

    Theodicy | G. W. Leibniz

British Dictionary definitions for indwell


/ (ɪnˈdwɛl) /

verb-dwells, -dwelling or -dwelt
  1. (tr) (of a spirit, principle, etc) to inhabit; suffuse

  2. (intr) to dwell; exist

Derived forms of indwell

  • indweller, noun

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