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[ in-uh-skey-puh-buhl ]


  1. incapable of being escaped, ignored, or avoided; ineluctable:

    inescapable responsibilities.


/ ˌɪnɪˈskeɪpəbəl /


  1. incapable of being escaped or avoided

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Derived Forms

  • ˌinesˈcapably, adverb

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Other Words From

  • ines·capa·ble·ness noun
  • ines·capa·bly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inescapable1

First recorded in 1785–95; in- 3 + escapable ( def )

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Example Sentences

Until recently, many of these symptoms were written off as a natural part of aging, as inescapable as graying hair and wrinkles.

His style is diverse — especially with that double-time flow — and inescapable from anyone with decent hearing.

I think it will actually break for Harrison, thanks to high Democratic turnout and an inescapable “sweep them out” energy.

Be it Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Kehlani or SZA, elongated and boldly designed nails are practically inescapable.

From Ozy

This mode of listening is what motivated The 5th, our effort to hear this inescapable symphony with fresh ears, aided by insights from musicians who know the piece inside and out.

From Vox

Within a few summer weeks, “Hot N—” had become an inescapable pop-culture phenomenon and Bobby landed a major record deal.

Hot orange flames leap into the sky bringing with them the sickening, inescapable stench of death.

The message sent from the Tower of London this fall is still as inescapable as it was in 1914.

Technologies become harmful at the moment when they become inescapable.

“Every sad and bitter tale has its hour when the doom inevitable in the long run becomes inescapable in the short,” Kempton wrote.

No, Jandron's men made sure there were no helmets left here, and without helmets this ship is an inescapable prison.

He saw the grim, inescapable future for his charges: famine.

The law is inescapable, for an action is either lawful or unlawful.

Oh, why can we not relieve the inescapable fatigue of life in that way always, and not only for a few brief hours in thirty years!

For none knew so well as Barney Palmer how inescapable was this thing which would be hanging over him until the end of his days.


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