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[ in-ik-speer-ee-uhnst ]


  1. not experienced; lacking knowledge, skill, or wisdom gained from experience.

    Synonyms: naive, green, raw, unpracticed, inexpert, unskilled

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inexperienced1

First recorded in 1620–30; inexperience + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Also in BusinessMassachusetts securities regulators on Wednesday accused start-up Robinhood Financial of engaging in aggressive tactics to attract inexperienced investors and failing to prevent outages on its online trading platform.

The Old Man of Hoy is a 450-foot rectangular sea stack off the coast of Scotland, an iconic structure that, to the inexperienced eye, looks like it would be extremely weird to climb.

Atlanta ranked in the bottom five in offensive and defensive efficiency, in large part because Young’s supporting cast was raw and inexperienced.

Since Johnson was an utterly inexperienced speaker, I got some of the boys to write two master speeches for him — one for the farmers of his district and the other for the industrial areas.

It’s also pretty well established that inexperienced runners get more efficient over time, simply through the act of running over and over again.

“I was really sexually inexperienced, really sexually shut down,” she explained.

As a result, the inexperienced can find themselves earning well below minimum wage, or abused by underhanded employers.

This offers a kind draw to the Americans: Belgium, while eye-catching and talented, is also youthful and inexperienced.

A comprehensive guide would allow inexperienced people to present thoughtful questions.

Yet, what separates Cunningham, herself young and inexperienced, from a woman studying?

It is to be feared that like the sauce of sauces in the hands of the inexperienced cook, the result is more than doubtful.

I am so young and inexperienced, and so ignorant of agricultural matters, I should make a poor farmer.

Still, he seemed to me a clever, and even a remarkable man, however inexperienced as a soldier.

Some care, however, is necessary in applying this test, as in the hands of inexperienced persons it is sometimes fallacious.

An inexperienced model—and sometimes even a trained one—is likely to faint while posing, particularly if the room be close.


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