infectious diseases

  1. Diseases caused by the growth of pathogenic organisms in the body. Some of these diseases may also be contagious diseases .

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Example Sentences

Although bats may have creeped us out for centuries, their links to emerging infectious diseases are much more recent.

The only existing study, printed in the Journal of Infectious Diseases in 1999, leaves scientists with the same questions.

She knows infectious diseases and epidemics—but more importantly, she knows Africa.

Infectious diseases are (a) infectious and (b) preventable with a simple shot.

A recent CDC memo warned of five infectious diseases in the U.S. Is it time to worry?

The infectious diseases in which leukocytosis is absent (p. 160) often cause a slight decrease of leukocytes.

(b) Acute infectious diseases, especially rheumatism and typhoid fever.

A detailed description of the disinfection in diphtheria is given in the chapter on Infectious Diseases in Schools.

Mania is apt to follow certain severe infectious diseases in delicate individuals.

Bubonic plague, one of the most dreaded of all infectious diseases, is carried to man by fleas from rats.





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