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[ in-feer-ee-awr-i-tee, -or- ]


  1. the quality or state of being lesser or lower in rank, position, quality, etc.:

    Negative perceptions about the inferiority of generic drugs compared to brand name drugs were more pronounced among some segments of the studied population.

  2. the quality or state of feeling less important, valuable, or worthy:

    The youth center was founded on the belief that youth violence is a product of various social and economic factors that contribute to feelings of inferiority, powerlessness, and hopelessness.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inferiority1

First recorded in 1580–90; inferior ( def ) + -ity ( def )

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Example Sentences

Feminist social reformers denounced medicine’s perpetuation of women’s “natural” inferiority in the 18th century.

From Time

Though the comparison isn’t perfect, seeing headlines about inferiority can add up, and those who are working to build trust need to take them into account.

The company’s hate-speech policy bans dehumanizing speech, harmful stereotypes, statements of inferiority, expressions of contempt and other attacks against people on the basis of a protected characteristic such as race, disability or gender.

Since its inception in 2009, “League of Legends” has both captivated esports fans and induced a sense of inferiority in its more amateur players stuck in the lower competitive ranks of bronze, silver and gold.

Many were concerned that pointing out genetic differences might reinforce old concepts of racial inferiority and superiority.

Lana told Duggan that his behavior merely proved American inferiority and ushered “the superior athlete Rusev” to the ring.

Well, there you have it: The thing we hate most of all is breeding anyone, or anything, for lives of inferiority.

Bobby had a major inferiority complex while he was married to Whitney—and was jealous of Kevin Costner and Denzel Washington.

“We have to get rid of our inferiority complex and free ourselves from the West,” he declared.

I suppose it is inferiority complex yet some of the best books in English are translations.

A sense of inferiority crept over him, as on the first day of his arrival at Alexandria.

In spite of the inferiority of his troops, Bernadotte as usual distinguished himself in the hour of battle.

Donald knows how to accept social inferiority; he may perhaps envy his betters, but he does not hate them.

Our descent, by the laws of the country, stamps us with inferiority—upon us has this law worked corruption of blood.

If you lived out here long enough, Im afraid you would have a bad inferiority complex.


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