[ in-fin-i-tes-uh-muh l ]
/ ˌɪn fɪn ɪˈtɛs ə məl /


indefinitely or exceedingly small; minute: infinitesimal vessels in the circulatory system.
immeasurably small; less than an assignable quantity: to an infinitesimal degree.
of, relating to, or involving infinitesimals.


an infinitesimal quantity.
Mathematics. a variable having zero as a limit.

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Origin of infinitesimal

1645–55; < New Latin infīnītēsim(us), equivalent to Latin infīnīt(us) infinite + -ēsimus suffix of ordinal numerals + -al1

Related formsin·fin·i·tes·i·mal·i·ty, in·fin·i·tes·i·mal·ness, nounin·fin·i·tes·i·mal·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for infinitesimally


/ (ˌɪnfɪnɪˈtɛsɪməl) /


infinitely or immeasurably small
maths of, relating to, or involving a small change in the value of a variable that approaches zero as a limit


maths an infinitesimal quantity
Derived Formsinfinitesimally, adverb

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Science definitions for infinitesimally


[ ĭn′fĭn-ĭ-tĕsə-məl ]


Capable of having values approaching zero as a limit.


A function or variable continuously approaching zero as a limit.
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