[ in-fruh-lap-sair-ee-uh n ]
/ ˌɪn frə læpˈsɛər i ən /


a person who believes in infralapsarianism.


of or relating to infralapsarians or infralapsarianism.

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Origin of infralapsarian

1725–35; infra- + Latin laps(us) a fall (see lapse) + -arian Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for infralapsarian


/ (ˌɪnfrəlæpˈsɛərɪən) /


Christian theol, mainly Calvinist a person who believes that foreknowledge of the Fall preceded God's decree of who was predestined to salvation and who was notCompare supralapsarian
Derived Formsinfralapsarianism, noun

Word Origin for infralapsarian

C18: from infra- + lapsarian (see supralapsarian)

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Word Origin and History for infralapsarian



1731, from infra- + Latin lapsus "a fall" (see lapse (n.)) + ending from unitarian, etc. In reference to the Calvinist doctrine that god's election of some to everlasting life was consequent to his decree to allow the Fall of man, and was thus a remedial measure. Contrasted to supralapsarian, in reference to the belief that He always meant to consign most of mankind to eternal fire and that the decision to create some men to be damned was his first decree. There's also a moderate sublapsarian view. Here the decree to elect those who would believe and leave those who do not believe to damnation also comes after the decree to allow the fall, but the decree to provide salvation for man comes immediately after the decree to elect.

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