[in-fuhn-dib-yuh-luh m]

noun, plural in·fun·dib·u·la [in-fuhn-dib-yuh-luh] /ˌɪn fʌnˈdɪb yə lə/. Anatomy.

a funnel-shaped organ or part.
a funnel-shaped extension of the hypothalamus connecting the pituitary gland to the base of the brain.
a space in the right ventricle at the base of the pulmonary artery.

Origin of infundibulum

1700–10; < New Latin, Latin: funnel, equivalent to infundi- (stem of infundere to pour into; see in-2, found3) + -bulum instrumental suffix; cf. infuse
Related formsin·fun·dib·u·lar, in·fun·dib·u·late [in-fuhn-dib-yuh-leyt] /ˌɪn fʌnˈdɪb yəˌleɪt/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Word Origin for infundibular

C18: from infundibulum


noun plural -la (-lə)

anatomy any funnel-shaped part, esp the stalk connecting the pituitary gland to the base of the brain
Derived Formsinfundibulate, adjective

Word Origin for infundibulum

C18: from Latin: funnel, from infundere to infuse
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Word Origin and History for infundibular



1799 in the anatomical sense, from Latin infundibulum, literally "a funnel," from infundere "to pour into" (see infuse) + -bulum, suffix forming names of instruments. In some cases a loan-translation into Latin of Greek khoane "funnel." Related: Infundibular.

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n. pl. in•fun•dib•u•la (-lə)

A funnel or funnel-shaped structure or passage.
The infundibulum of the fallopian tube.
The expanding portion of a calix as it opens into the pelvis of the kidney.
conus arteriosus
A termination of a bronchiole in the alveolus.
Termination of the cochlear canal beneath the cupola.
The funnel-shaped, unpaired prominence of the base of the hypothalamus behind the optic chiasm, continuous below with the stalk of the pituitary gland.
Related formsin′fun•dibu•lar (-lər) null adj.
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