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[in-fyoo-sawr-ee-uh, -sohr-]
plural noun
  1. protozoans of the phylum Ciliophora (or class Ciliata).
  2. (formerly) any of various microscopic organisms found in infusions of decaying organic matter.
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Origin of Infusoria

1780–90; < New Latin, neuter plural of infūsōrius. See infuse, -ory1
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Historical Examples

  • To-day we also passed a field of "Red Sea," confervæ or infusoria.

    Ranching, Sport and Travel

    Thomas Carson

  • With reference to their origin these organisms were called 'Infusoria.

  • These infusoria can only be distinguished by a most powerful microscope.

  • Infusoria and other unicellular animals multiply by division.

    The Beauties of Nature

    Sir John Lubbock

  • The presence of infusoria in immense numbers is one of the reasons for this.