[ ing-guhl-wood ]


  1. a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.

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Example Sentences

It was also a fitting nod to the host city of Inglewood and the Los Angeles area.

From Time

Hiro, a “member of the hacker community in his spare time,” lives with a roommate in a U-Stor-It container in Inglewood, California.

From Quartz

According to court papers, Williams met Shilling at an Inglewood restaurant on July 10, 2006.

When driving through Inglewood, the men on my Grindr list suddenly turn Latino.

The L.A. co-op is a ramshackle stucco house in a suburban section of Inglewood, under the landing path of jets flying into LAX.

He returned to Inglewood to console himself with the popularity, which he acquired in the exercise of the office of overseer.

Old Justice Inglewood received me with great courtesy, and readily exhibited my uncle's will, which seemed to be without a flaw.

Sir Arthur Inglewood, I think, disappointed him by stating that he had no questions to ask of him.

It was uninterested curiosity which caused the elegant audience to wait and hear what Sir Arthur Inglewood had to say.

The mildest man on the fields, Pony-Fence Inglewood did not discover for some time what the boys said was correct.