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[ in-hab-i-tuhnts ]


  1. the plural of inhabitant.

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Example Sentences

Historically, conquering armies have seized inhabitants of conquered areas and enslaved them.

In Sierra Leone, the group reported less than 10 physicians per 100,000 inhabitants.

These goods were probably exchanged with Gedi inhabitants for animal skins and ivory.

Half a century ago, there were said to be 30 libraries and 20,000 inhabitants.

They moved out, leaving few original inhabitants, and after a 1957 earthquake, the village was completely devoid of inhabitants.

It contains above eighty thousand houses, and about six hundred thousand inhabitants.

Undesirable inhabitants of the country are being sent away, especially the Japanese, who are more dangerous than the Chinese.

When a besieged city suspects a mine, do not the inhabitants dig underground, and meet their enemy at his work?

But there came a day, at last, when the inhabitants of Flatland were far indeed removed from the spirit of merriment.

When this became known to the few Union inhabitants of Fulton they implored Guitar not to do it.