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[ in-her-i-tid ]


  1. received from or as if from one’s predecessors:

    Their wealth is from inherited properties, mostly through the estate of their mother’s parents.

    For the novelist Henry James, history, tradition, precedence, and established forms constituted the inherited wisdom of civilization.

  2. received through genetic transmission:

    the family’s inherited trait of straight blond hair;

    kidney problems symptomatic of an inherited disorder.

  3. Baseball. (of a base runner) allowed on base by a previous pitcher:

    The unlucky reliever balked, hit a batter, threw a wild pitch, allowed an inherited runner to score, and got only one out.

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Other Words From

  • half-in·her·it·ed adjective
  • non·in·her·it·ed adjective
  • qua·si-in·her·it·ed adjective
  • un·in·her·it·ed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inherited1

First recorded in 1795–1800; inherit ( def ) + -ed 2( def )

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Example Sentences

Starting around that time, inherited sets of gene variants became increasingly similar in ancient individuals found in central, eastern and southern regions of sub-Saharan Africa, the researchers report.

Just as it is inappropriate for the rich to feel pride in their inherited wealth, so too is it inappropriate for anyone to feel pride in their inherited race.

The company uses genetic data to advise patients about inherited health risks and connects them to health counselors to help them respond to those risks.

From Fortune

I inherited the Arnold Family Thunder ThighsTM, which was a source of frequent teasing and distress for me as a child.

Undoubtedly, the enormous inherited fortunes of the aristocracy facilitated a certain eccentricity.

When Acton died in 1953, no will was found and his estate was inherited by Harold.

Beacci, who had inherited nothing from her lover, had assumed his son would make provisions for her in his will.

He inherited vast estates worth some £30m, all of which he sniffed, snorted and smoked away.

A great-granddaughter of Fragonard, she seems to have inherited his talent; Corot and Renoir forcibly appealed to her.

He had two children, a boy and a girl, who inherited the northern and southern ranches in equal shares.

Power, and inherited influence, and exalted social position have a deadly insinuation.

Her mother had inherited a small fortune from Agnes' grandma and this Barr had sought to secure.

He inherited in exaggerated degree his mother's highly strung nervous nature.


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