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[ in-hyoo-meynor, often, -yoo- ]


  1. not humane; lacking humanity, kindness, compassion, etc.

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Other Words From

  • inhu·manely adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of inhumane1

1590–1600; variant of inhuman; in- 3, humane
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Example Sentences

Public officials considered this a matter of fairness, Lowe writes, and in fact incarcerated women also tend to see the firefighting work program as a desirable alternative to the inhumane conditions of prison.

Ridiculous accusations, lack of access to independent defense lawyers, inhumane torture.

The seizure comes as the Lowes, who operated the facility formerly run by imprisoned “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic, are accused of inhumane treatment and ongoing violations of the Endangered Species Act.

Civil rights activists argued that the institutions were inhumane.

From Time

“It is easier for judges and prosecutors to order people detained under inhumane conditions when no one is looking,” the campaign said.

Not to those in power, not to the cruel and inhumane, not to the wealthy.

Sir, Mr. Davutoğlu, in the meantime, with its inhumane actions, ISIS commits atrocities.

Most of these institutions were inhumane, and advocates had been writing for more than 100 years urging for their closure.

They were housed in terrible conditions, packed into small rooms, and forced to work inhumane, long hours with little food.

“We were told his conditions were horrific and inhumane,” one Congressional aid told The Daily Beast.

A memory hangs about me of the House in the early afternoon, an inhumane desolation inhabited almost entirely by silk hats.

I suppose it's inhumane, but mine is a monstrously interesting trade, even in a little place like this.

But old soldiers are not usually inhumane—on the contrary, they are often very gentle beings.

But artifice was necessary, he had found, for stemming the cold and inhumane blast of the world's contempt.

This is inhumane, but no one ever considered war a school of humanity—still less civil war.