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noun, plural in·iq·ui·ties.
  1. gross injustice or wickedness.
  2. a violation of right or duty; wicked act; sin.
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Origin of iniquity

1300–50; Middle English < Latin inīquitās unevenness, unfairness, equivalent to inīqu(us) uneven, unfair (in- in-3 + -īquus, combining form of aequus even, equal) + -itās -ity
Can be confusedinequity iniquity

Synonyms for iniquity

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infamy, immorality, abomination, baseness, crime, wrong, misdeed, injustice, wrongdoing, unfairness, offense, wickedness, unrighteousness, sinfulness, miscreancy

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Historical Examples of iniquity

  • The young Arab spoke to the boards as though they were partners in his iniquity.


    W. A. Fraser

  • The cup of their iniquity was full; or they had not fallen so signally, thus.


    Scian Dubh

  • I felt now that I might as well follow the iniquity to the end.

    The Underdog

    F. Hopkinson Smith

  • For my part, I call that downright countenancing of iniquity.

  • He now stood obstinately resolved to persevere in his iniquity.

British Dictionary definitions for iniquity


noun plural -ties
  1. lack of justice or righteousness; wickedness; injustice
  2. a wicked act; sin
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Derived Formsiniquitous, adjectiveiniquitously, adverbiniquitousness, noun

Word Origin for iniquity

C14: from Latin inīquitās, from inīquus unfair, from in- 1 + aequus even, level; see equal
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Word Origin and History for iniquity


c.1300, "hostility, malevolence; a hostile action," from Old French iniquité "wickedness, unfavorable situation," from Latin iniquitatem (nominative iniquitas) "unequalness, unevenness, injustice," noun of quality from iniquus "unjust, unequal; slanting, steep," from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + aequus "just, equal" (see equal). For vowel change, see acquisition. Meaning "evil, wickedness" is from late 14c.

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