[ ih-neyt-lee, in-eyt-lee ]


  1. in a way that is inborn or existent from birth:

    I don't think innately social people, especially those who gravitate toward leadership positions, can truly understand the way less socially adept people think, act, and react.

  2. in a way that is inherent or embedded in the nature of something:

    Dry areas are innately lower in soil organic matter because they produce less vegetation than wetter areas.

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Other Words From

  • un·in·nate·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of innately1

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Example Sentences

In fact, that rewiring of the dogs’ brains makes the pooches innately drawn to people.

Most people seem to innately know which way is north and can quickly orient themselves in their landscapes.

The technology itself might not be innately nefarious, but it makes it easier for companies to maintain tight control on workers and squeeze and exploit them to maximize profits.

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On one hand, few things are as innately gratifying as banging with sticks to keep a beat.

Some of us are cynics and have a low opinion of humanity—that people are mostly bad and innately selfish.

But Diana died, and her sons—understandably, given the ruthless focus on her—innately distrust the media.

These three actors, Australian-bred and innately brooding, comprise the fabulously Hemsworth brothers.

Any organization asking for “purification” from something just feels innately creepy and a little sinister.

He may hail from Kazakhstan, but Borat innately understands the American dream.

Man is innately more prone to good than to evil; and the path of his destiny is upward.

She was most unfortunate, but not innately vicious; we may say so without danger to others.

There had been incipient warfare between those two for years: and they both were innately conscious of it.

I should expect myself to pay the tolls—heavy ones since Im innately a liar, a someway bad lot.

Ordinarily that would not have mattered to me since I am innately keyed and pitched to expect the galvanically unexpected.





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