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[ in-sey-shuh-buhl, -shee-uh- ]


  1. not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased:

    insatiable hunger for knowledge.

    Synonyms: unquenchable, bottomless, voracious


/ ɪnˈseɪʃɪɪt; -ʃɪə-; ɪnˈseɪʃəbəl /


  1. not able to be satisfied or satiated; greedy or unappeasable

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Derived Forms

  • inˈsatiably, adverb
  • inˌsatiaˈbility, noun

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Other Words From

  • in·satia·bili·ty in·satia·ble·ness noun
  • in·satia·bly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of insatiable1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English insaciable, from Latin insatiābilis; equivalent to in- 3 + satiable

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Example Sentences

These vehicles are both ubiquitous and represent one of the most profitable segments for automakers, with “insatiable” demand from the public, as former Cadillac boss Johan De Nysschen has put it.

Not only have production companies proven they can put out traditional-looking programming despite the pandemic, but TV networks and especially streaming services are proving to be insatiable when it comes to loading up on new programming.

From Digiday

When I was younger, I pursued an incredible number of climbs and adventures in order to “feed the rat,” as Al Alvarez wrote so poignantly of climber Mo Anthoine’s insatiable thirst for epics.

One need only look at Dressel’s YouTube page to recognize his insatiable thirst for dominance.

The earlier boom accelerated when a collapse in interest rates created insatiable issuer demand.

From Axios

At some point even the seemingly insatiable American consumer is going to have had his fill.

Perhaps Pappy fans are so insatiable that they even want the detritus of their favorite tot.

Rather, he is portrayed not as someone who happens to be bisexual, but as a man with an insatiable appetite.

This was a woman with an insatiable appetite for the visual world and the talent to capture it on film.

The book depicts Bezos and Amazon as hard-charging, insatiable, and excessively secretive.

Mankind, mad with the energy of activity, would be seen to pursue the fleeing phantom of insatiable desire.

Sometimes he spent the whole night upon some score he wished to lay before his insatiable teacher on the following day.

The insatiable thirst for that which is beyond and which veils life, is the most lively proof of our immortality.

The woolly stems of the millet, likewise, defied their insatiable appetites.

Each side considers its own interests exclusively, and religious opinions are but a cloak for insatiable ambition.


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