[ in-seem ]


  1. an inside or inner seam of a garment, especially the seam of a trouser leg that runs from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg.


  1. of or relating to such a seam:

    inseam measurements.

  2. (of a pocket) placed at or sewn to an opening in the seam of a garment, usually the side seam, so as to lie completely inside the garment.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of inseam1

First recorded in 1905–10; in- 1 + seam

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Example Sentences

The inseam is longer than most bike-style shorts, and prevents water from irritating your thighs on shoreline runs.

These are available in two different washes, for men and women, with multiple waist and inseam combinations.

I guess my 32 waist, 34 inseam is popular, becuase it took me until last fall to find a pair in my size.

A generous inseam and leg openings allow them to fit nicely over chunky work boots, too.

When deciding on which size is most suitable, you have to take into account the rider’s inseam.

Finally we took Eatumup Jake's pants which he had removed for the purpose, they being thirty-four inches inseam.





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