[ in-sur-shuhn ]
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  1. the act of inserting: the insertion of a coin in a vending machine.

  2. something inserted: an insertion in the middle of a paragraph.

  1. Botany, Zoology.

    • the manner or place of attachment, as of an organ.

    • attachment of a part or organ, with special reference to the site or manner of such attachment.

  2. lace, embroidery, or the like, to be sewn at each edge between parts of other material.

  3. Aerospace. injection (def. 6).

Origin of insertion

First recorded in 1570–80, insertion is from the Late Latin word insertiōn- (stem of insertiō). See insert, -ion

Other words from insertion

  • in·ser·tion·al, adjective
  • non·in·ser·tion, noun
  • pre·in·ser·tion, noun
  • re·in·ser·tion, noun
  • sub·in·ser·tion, noun

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How to use insertion in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for insertion


/ (ɪnˈsɜːʃən) /

  1. the act of inserting or something that is inserted

  2. a word, sentence, correction, etc, inserted into text, such as a newspaper

  1. a strip of lace, embroidery, etc, between two pieces of material

  2. anatomy the point or manner of attachment of a muscle to the bone that it moves

  3. botany the manner or point of attachment of one part to another

Derived forms of insertion

  • insertional, adjective

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