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inside out

  1. Extremely well, thoroughly, especially alluding to knowing something. For example, He knows this system inside out . [First half of 1900s]

  2. With the inner surface turned out or revealed, as in He wore his shirt inside out . This expression dates from about 1600 and was soon used figuratively, as in He turned the verses inside out and revealed their hidden sense .

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Example Sentences

Because I knew the story inside out and I really wanted to put it in paper.

The cartels that have, for the last several years, been devouring Mexico from the inside out have set up shop in Central America.

But somehow Gleeson was able to turn Joffrey inside out—to make him transparent.

Then we can start healing ourselves—and the American health care system—this time, from the inside out.

“These photographs are from the inside out,” Reggio explains.

On this instrument the stockings are turned "inside out" by slipping the article over the post, then quickly "undressing" it.

And with a look of despair he turned his pockets inside out, and leant back in his chair.

I turned my pockets inside out, and then, satisfied that I had no more, he left me.

He rummaged his pockets and turned his hat inside out, but all in vain; there was not even a kreutzer!

To him it seemed good, the only good thing he had laid hold of since the war had turned his world upside down and inside out.