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[ in-suh-fahr, -soh- ]


  1. to such an extent (usually followed by as ):

    I will do the work insofar as I am able.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of insofar1

First recorded in 1590–1600; originally phrase in so far
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Example Sentences

Unsurprisingly, Liverpool struggled — insofar as finishing third and qualifying for the Champions League can be considered struggling — when its spine fell apart last season.

Speculating over what makes each one tick is an effective way of generating endless tabloid fodder, but it’s only useful insofar as it illuminates what needs to change on a systemic level in order to thwart their successors.

From Time

As I tell my students, insofar as I feel any sense of hope, it comes from the persistence of activists, so I’ll be paying attention to movement actors and others holding politicians’ feet to the fire and charting the path forward.

Congress agreed insofar as the Constitution pledged to “promote the general Welfare.”

Technically not a mob movie since “mob” implies organized gangsters and not the disorganized ones, but insofar as this movie has been cited as an influence on real-life gangsters, it makes the cut.

From Ozy

Certification is voluntary only insofar as work as a physician is voluntary.

That is good, insofar as voters who have been hurt or helped by Obamacare can make themselves heard.

We forgive them insofar as Assange and company weaken American power and American authority.

The GOP economic plan, insofar that it exists, calls for austerity budgets, deep tax cuts, and tight monetary policy.

And of course I was pro-Israel insofar as I was pro-peace; I was a Christian.

It was dead, insofar as he knew, and apparently useless except perhaps as a club, but the botanist was delighted to receive it.

In fact, during the past year Alfred had been gradually gaining the mastery of Cousin Charley insofar as mind was concerned.

It will have much to do with clarifying the situation insofar as this one organization is concerned.

Insofar as I know, this is the first report of such seasonal activity in Pelamis platurus in the Americas.

He differed from Pine's former mongrel insofar as he had some sense.


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