[ in-stuh-gram ]

  1. the brand name for a photo- and video-sharing application and social media platform launched in 2010.

verb (used with object)

, In·sta·grammed, In·sta·gram·ming.
  1. to post (a photo or video) on the Instagram app:

    I’m Instagramming a video of the whole family enjoying the Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

    This garden is one of the sights most frequently Instagrammed by visitors to our city.


  1. a photo or video posted on the Instagram app:

    Oh, not another Instagram of her and her new puppy!

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Other Words From

  • In·sta·gram·ma·ble adjective
  • In·sta·grammed adjective
  • In·sta·gram·mer noun

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Example Sentences

The picture for Republicans is particularly grim on Instagram, which has become a home for young, progressive politics.

From Axios

Many already had TikTok or Instagram profiles focused on beauty and skincare, and had developed reputations for being knowledgeable about products.

At the same time, brands are looking to get ahead of potential fallout caused by iOS 14 with Facebook and Instagram and understand their diversification options.

From Digiday

Also, as much as I talk about slowing down and taking longer to take photographs, Instagram is meant to be fun.

For more information, visit FYM Productions on Facebook, Twitch and Instagram.

These days, to be featured by Travel Noire on Instagram is like a badge of honor for many black millennial travelers.

Young, hip, urban millennials are using tools like Instagram to become one of the fastest growing travel markets.

Chelsea Handler made political statements with hers on Instagram.

On his Instagram account (which has since been taken down), Brinsley made one reference to burning an American flag.

Look, right now, in Africa, why are we using Instagram and Facebook and Google search?


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