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/ ɪnˈstrʌkʃənz /

plural noun

  1. directions, orders, or recommended rules for guidance, use, etc
  2. law the facts and details relating to a case given by a client to his solicitor or by a solicitor to a barrister with directions to conduct the case

    to take instructions

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Example Sentences

The most recent issue contains detailed instructions for building car bombs, and the magazine frequently draws up hit-lists.

“After August 2002, it was a well-managed program with specific instructions with what to do,” Rodriguez insisted.

Gang warlords, locked down in Super Maxes like Pelican Bay pass on instructions to thousands of followers.

Defying instructions would have been unthinkable during the tenure of his father or grandfather.

Instead, the song was listed as “blank-blank-blank-blank Tha Police” with the instructions to “fill in the blanks.”

Hoosier hurried on board the boat, and followed Dick's instructions to the letter.

She had received instructions from both the men and women; in some instances from the children.

He gave me some instructions, but I was too confused to understand them, and too shy to ask questions.

You had tied me down too tightly, my Barbiche; my instructions were to obtain a meeting at any price.

These instructions were obeyed implicitly, and soon the camp was buried in apparent slumber.


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