[ in-suh-luh, ins-yuh- ]
/ ˈɪn sə lə, ˈɪns yə- /

noun, plural in·su·lae [in-suh-lee, ins-yuh-] /ˈɪn səˌli, ˈɪns yə-/. Anatomy.

a group of convolutions situated at the base of the lateral fissure of the brain.

Origin of insula

1825–35; < New Latin, Latin: island; cf. isle
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British Dictionary definitions for insula

/ (ˈɪnsjʊlə) /

noun plural -lae (-ˌliː)

a pyramid-shaped area of the brain within each cerebral hemisphere beneath parts of the frontal and temporal lobesAlso called: island of Reil

Word Origin for insula

Latin, literally: island
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Medical definitions for insula

[ ĭnsə-lə, ĭnsyə- ]

n. pl. -lae (-lē′)

A circumscribed body or patch on the skin.
island of Reil
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