[ in-suh-lar-i-tee, ins-yuh- ]
/ ˌɪn sə ˈlær ɪ ti, ˈɪns yə- /
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the state or condition of being an island:Great Britain, because of its insularity, was only reachable by sea until 1785, when the first balloon successfully crossed the English Channel by air.
the state or condition of dwelling on or being situated on an island:None of the other aspects of the fossil show adaptations common among island dwellers, so insularity is not a good argument to explain its form.
the state or condition of being detached or isolated:Growing populations have in many places made the insularity of religious communities difficult to preserve.
the state or condition of being narrow-minded or provincial:Our neighbors' insularity was both psychological and cultural: they had no interest whatsoever in literature, history, art, government, science, film, or the outdoors.
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