abbreviation for

  1. interest.
  2. interim.
  3. interior.
  4. interjection.
  5. internal.
  6. international.
  7. interpreter.
  8. interval.
  9. intransitive.


the internet domain name for

  1. an international organization
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Example Sentences

I will utilize every tool within INT collections that I learned from NMITC in Dam Neck.

Reporters would do a lot better under a President Romney, he would be a lot more int.

Her outstanding ride leaves her in joint tenth place overnight individually, and leaving the UK team int he silver medal position.

Dey aint mo'n tetch' im 'fo' dey had 'im het up ter de b'ilin' p'int.

Ef you had a dozen lawyers I'd have to app'int him jest the same.

"We're just across from the p'int outside Deer Harbour," said Toby.

You're a bright man, Rowley, and I knowed you'd see the p'int when it was put up to you right and polite.

When they find you don't arrive at some p'int where they've been looking for you, they'll know you're stopped.