intelligence officer


  1. a military officer responsible for collecting and processing data on hostile forces, weather, and terrain.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of intelligence officer1

First recorded in 1880–85

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Example Sentences

A former top intelligence officer with Saudi Arabia’s elite intelligence team says he fears for his life because Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants him dead and will use his “Tiger Squad” of henchmen to do it.

She knew more about the communist networks in Britain than any other intelligence officer.

According to interviews, the hackers benefit from a partnership with a key group of Belarusian law enforcement and intelligence officers.

“It’s really very significant that the fact that I can be out means that nobody can hold this over my head and I can serve openly and be the best intelligence officer that I could possibly be,” she said.

Well, we have a bunch of analysts that are former intelligence officers, usually in Maryland or outside of Tel Aviv and they’re the ones doing everything.

They eye the door anxiously, convinced that at any moment, a Pakistani or Iranian intelligence officer will come barging in.

“These are all very complicated cases,” one former senior U.S. intelligence officer told The Daily Beast.

“They were C-team fighters,” says a Lebanese military intelligence officer.

As a former professional intelligence officer I find that argument ridiculous.

The Alfa Team trains with specialists from Russia, according to former Russian military intelligence officer Boris Volodarsky.

Accordingly all three of us—the young intelligence officer, my comrade and I—took advantage of the halt to smoke.

An intelligence officer reports that if there is the slightest delay dawn will break before the positions are reached.

Ptolemy was intelligence officer and conducted the reconnaissance, and on his report the plan of attack was arranged.

Dawson cried as he stared hard at the Intelligence officer's face.

After he had made sure the prisoner was what he seemed to be, the intelligence officer kept on at him for the fun of the thing.





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