capable of being understood; comprehensible; clear: an intelligible response.
Philosophy. apprehensible by the mind only; conceptual.

Origin of intelligible

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin intelligibilis, equivalent to intellig- (see intelligent) + -ibilis -ible
Related formsin·tel·li·gi·ble·ness, nounin·tel·li·gi·bly, adverbhalf-in·tel·li·gi·ble, adjectivehalf-in·tel·li·gi·bly, adverbself-in·tel·li·gi·ble, adjectivesem·i-in·tel·li·gi·ble, adjectivesem·i-in·tel·li·gi·bly, adverb
Can be confusedintelligent intelligible intellectual (see synonym study at intelligent)

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able to be understood; comprehensible
  1. capable of being apprehended by the mind or intellect alone
  2. (in metaphysical systems such as those of Plato or Kant) denoting that metaphysical realm which is accessible to the intellect as opposed to the world of mere phenomena accessible to the senses
Derived Formsintelligibility or intelligibleness, nounintelligibly, adverb

Word Origin for intelligible

C14: from Latin intellegibilis; see intellect
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Word Origin and History for intelligible

late 14c., "able to understand," from Latin intelligibilis, intellegibilis "that can understand, that can be understood," from intellegere "to understand" (see intelligence). In English, sense of "capable of being understood" first recorded c.1600. Related: Intelligibly.

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